Landing Page Optimization

Convert online traffic into leads and sales!

Our landing page optimization services include:

  • Design of new landing pages
  • Evaluation of existing landing pages
  • Establishment of a baseline for the current conversion rate
  • Recommendations on what should be tested
  • Testing of proposed changes using statistically valid methods
  • Reporting and interpretation of test results
  • Ongoing refinement and testing of landing pages

Landing Page Optimization, is concerned with taking existing traffic to a page and improving the likelihood that visitors will perform the desired action. This action could be anything from buying a specific product, subscribing to an e-mail newsletter, or participating in a free trial. Many companies spend lots of money generating traffic to their website only to fail in making the sale.

Here are some factors that can impact a site’s conversion rate:

  • Provide a consistent message – If you are running an advertisement that catches the users eye with ‘40% off!’, make sure that the landing page it links to doesn’t advertise ‘30% off!’. Inconsistencies such as this are actually quite common and are very discouraging to potential customers.
  • Use a simple and clean design – If your design is to distracting or cluttered the visitor tends to have a hard time focusing on why they came and what they are expected to do on the page. The design of the page should be simple, but elegant and should visually guide the user to the call to action.
  • Speak the user’s language – There is nothing more frustrating than to try and carry on a conversation with someone who speaks technically about something you don’t understand or uses slang you’ve never heard before. Don’t alienate your visitors by using unfamiliar terms in an effort to sound intelligent.
  • Establish credibility and trust – The web has its share of swindlers and your visitors want to know they can trust you. Be sure that purchase pages are properly protected, prominently show any trust symbols or testimonials on your page, provide generous policies and guarantees and always do what you say you will do!
  • Offer something for free – Typically known as an ‘ethical bribe’, a visitor will willingly perform a desired action, such as subscribing to an e-mail list, in exchange for a free report, a copy of an e-book, or some other worthwhile product. For visitors who are unsure, this can provide an extra incentive to go ahead and take action. Just be sure you offer something of value!
  • Provide a strong and clear call to action – Your visitors should never have to ask the question ‘What do I do on this page?’. If you want your visitor to buy something, let them know the benefits, show them a picture of the product and direct their attention to the big red button that says ‘Buy Now!’.
  • Don’t get too personal – Most landing pages ask visitors to input some sort of information as part of the transaction. The goal should be to collect only the most pertinent information from the visitor. If you are going to provide a quote via e-mail for carpet installation it is perfectly fine to ask for their e-mail address, type of carpet and the square footage, but you don’t really need their date of birth and social security number. The less information the user has to put in, the more comfortable they will be with the process. You can always collect more information later on down the line.

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