Order of Business, LLC

Our Passion

We love helping small businesses succeed.  We like the way you think.

Big businesses tend to throw money at problems.  Small businesses tend to think smart.  Order of Business, LLC is passionate about smart thinking. When it comes web marketing, it pays to think through your problems and have a clear strategy and plan of action.  If you like the idea of tracking key performance indicators for your website and knowing the return on investment for your web marketing efforts, then we should get along just fine!

Our Specialty

We help you generate qualified leads and customers.

Growing your business online can be a confusing and often tedious task for do-it-yourselfers.   We use analytics, common sense and thorough testing to generate quality traffic and to determine the best way to convert that traffic into leads and customers.  Don’t get lost looking at analytics reports or trying to change code on your website.  Don’t guess at which content on your landing pages will convert more visitors.  Let us methodically change, measure and test so that you get the best results.

Our Company

We are small, just like you.

Order of Business, LLC was started by Micah Wood in March of 2009.  The name of the company is a reminder to small businesses that having good processes in place is essential to success.  Order of Business strives to attract new customers through the knowledge and experience of its staff and through its reliable  use of best business practices.  More importantly, we strive to keep our customers by providing quality, personal service.  Let us know how we can help you!

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