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WordPress and BuddyPress – SEO meets Social Media

Third party social media tools are great for bringing in new visitors and keeping your brand in front of loyal followers.  What if you could create your own social media sphere where your visitors can connect with each other?  Do you think you would have more people stick around?

WordPress is a great tool for maintaining a website, blogging and SEO.  Now take BuddyPress and install it on top of WordPress.  All of the sudden, you have built in features such as:

  • Twitter-like activity streams
  • Users can create groups like they do in Linked-In
  • Users can friend people like they do on Facebook
  • Online forums
  • Private messaging
  • User generated blogs

You don’t have to use them all, of course, but the functionality is there.

Many businesses don’t update their websites very much, if at all.  Don’t make the mistake of trying to promote your business on the web when your site is bland and outdated!


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