Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing Images in WordPress for Google Image Search

Ever wondered how to get your images to appear in Google Image Search? The process is similar to getting a web page to rank well in Google Web Search: optimize your image so that Google sees your image as relevant content. Let me walk you through a few things that you can do when adding images from within WordPress that will help your images get noticed by the search engines.

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Search Engine Optimization

New SEO Tool Just Released

As of today, we have just released our first of many SEO tools to come. The Meta Tag Checker Tool helps you analyze how well you are using SEO related tags on a given web page.

If you have ever wondered how you should be using the following elements on your webpages, you should check out our new tool:

  • HTTP Status
  • Page Title
  • Canonical Link
  • Meta description tag
  • Meta keywords tag
  • Meta robots tag

Over time, we will be improving the information that this tool returns, but I think we are off to a great start!  If you have any issues with it or have any feature requests, let us know by commenting on this post.