Creating a Photo Gallery in WordPress

Many people get confused when trying to create a photo gallery in WordPress. It isn’t obvious at first glance how to utilize this built-in feature. Let me walk you step-by-step through how to create a photo gallery by uploading images from your computer or by using images already in your media library.  Just in case you need a little more help, you can follow along with the video!

Prerequisites to Your Photo Gallery

It is important to understand that before you can create a photo gallery in WordPress, you must first associate at least two images that you want in your gallery with the post or page where it will appear. The best way to do this, is to go to the post or page where you want your photo gallery and click on the ‘Add an Image’ icon at the top of your editing area.

'Add New Image' WordPress Button

You will be given the option to add an image from your computer, from a URL or from your media gallery. Images added via URL are not actually associated with the post or page, so this method is not an option.

Uploading Images

If you want to attach multiple images to your post or page simultaneously, you want to use the ‘Upload From Computer’ option. Attaching images from the media library to your post or page is possible, but not recommended. I will go into more detail on this later.

Uploading images in WordPress

A search engine optimization (SEO) sidenote: You will want to be sure that the image file names contain relevant keywords before uploading them to WordPress. You will also want to be sure you use descriptive keywords in the “Alternative Text” box for each image.

Once you have uploaded at least two images to your post or page and clicked on the ‘Save all Changes’ button that appears, you will see a ‘Gallery’ tab appear. Click on this tab to configure your gallery settings.

Inserting the Gallery

Once you are on the gallery tab, you will be able to edit any details for the images and select some options for your gallery.

WordPress Gallery Options

Let me explain the options available when configuring your gallery:

  • Link Thumbnails To – The options here are ‘attachment page’ and ‘image file’. This option determines the action that takes place when a user clicks on a thumbnail in your image gallery. If you select ‘image file’, the user will be taken to a page that displays the full size image. If you select ‘attachment page’, users will be taken to a page that uses your website’s theme, displays the photo, and allows them to comment on the photo.
  • Order Images By – The options here are ‘menu order’, ‘title’, ‘date/time’, or ‘random’. The menu order option allows you to put the thumbnail images in your gallery in any order you want using the drag and drop feature (or by numbering the images if this feature is not available to you). The title option sorts the images by the image title. The date/time option shows images ordered by the date and time that they were first uploaded. The random option loads the thumbnails in a different order every time the page is loaded, in case you just want to mix things up.
  • Order – The options here are ‘ascending’ and ‘descending’ and allow you to reverse any of the previous selected sort orders.
  • Gallery Columns – This is fairly self-explanatory, but this option allows you to select how many columns of thumbnail images you have in your photo gallery. In other words, the number of images from left to right in a given row.

Now that you have selected the settings that work for you, go ahead and click the ‘Insert Gallery’ button!

The Media Library Method

NOTE: This is NOT a recommended method!
There are a lot of people who use WordPress’s built-in media library to keep up with their images. Often, people ask how to create a photo gallery using images that already exist in their media library without having to re-upload them. In order to do this, you must associate the images in the media library with the post or page where you want your gallery to appear.  There are two ways of doing this:

  • Insert the image into your post or page from the media library. This associates the image with your post (or page). Since you are creating an image gallery, you probably don’t want the full size image to appear in addition to the gallery. So you must delete the image from the post after inserting it. Don’t worry… it is still associated with the post and will appear in the gallery.
  • From the media library, find the photo you want to associate with a post and click the ‘attach’ link. Search for the post or page by name and then select the appropriate one.

Be aware that there are some limitations and risks associated with using this method:

  • Each image in your media library can only be attached to a single post or page.
  • The only way to remove an image from a gallery on a particular post or page is to delete it. Deleting the image removes it not only from that particular gallery, but the media library as well. If the image was being used elsewhere, it will no longer be available.

Future Changes

You can always make changes to your gallery settings later by clicking on the gallery placeholder (from the visual editor, as opposed to the HTML editor) and clicking the small icon that appears in the top left corner.

Editing your WordPress Image Gallery

Deleting the gallery is as easy as clicking on the placeholder and hitting delete.


115 thoughts on “Creating a Photo Gallery in WordPress

    • Thanks so much for the info. Can you tell me how to disable the comments? The biggest problem I have is trying to eliminate the space between the menu and the gallery. It takes up way too much space on the Iphone. Also, I don’t need “Published on (date) at 500×500.” I don’t understand why the dimensions of the image show up appear above the actual image.

      • Catherine, all the customizations you are wanting to make will be specific to your theme. Since I don’t know anything about your theme, I’m afraid I won’t be much help in that department. The best place to ask is on the WordPress support forum for your specific theme, assuming that you downloaded it from the WordPress repository.

        • Thanks so much for your reply. I was able to resolve those issues. The problem I’m having now is that I’m not able to put the images in the correct order. I have specified the order by title, but it is just putting the images in a somewhat random order. What could I be missing?


          • If you don’t change the title field when you add a new photo, I’ve found that dashes and underscores can make the title ordering seem random when it actually isn’t. Personally, for smaller photo galleries, I prefer to use the menu ordering… mainly because of the drag and drop ordering feature.

      • JLM says:

        Enable “Discussions” at the top of the page and then uncheck “comments” at the bottom of the post.

  1. Jocelyn says:

    Your instruction is very clear, good job. But I have a question that bothering in my mind. What if I have a existing images and I already used it in other gallery but I want it also include to another gallery. How Can I include the existing picture to other galley.

    • Any images that are in the media library are available to be used elsewhere in WordPress. If you upload an image to a particular post, that image is also uploaded to the media library. My only word of warning about using the same image in multiple galleries is to keep careful track of what image you have used and where. If you were to delete an image to remove it from a gallery, it could have been used elsewhere as well.

      For this reason, I would recommend just uploading another copy of the image and using that copy in your new gallery. This will allow you to manage the image in both galleries separate from each other.

  2. Thank you so much for this article, I wasted several hours on this and got nowhere . . . I really appreciate you taking the time to explain this . . . I kept feeling like there must be something I was missing and sure enough there was.

    Thanks again,

  3. Mohd Nazmi says:

    How can I create 2 different gallery in 1 post? I found there is no issue to have 1 gallery, but if I want to have 2 gallery, it can’t be done.

    • Mohd, this is one of the limitations of using the built-in WordPress galleries. Because any picture associated with a page or post appears in the gallery, it is not possible to have separate galleries without using a plugin.

    • You can use the categories to organize your promotions and can pull a specific set of promotions into a slider using the shortcode, like this: [promoslider category=”homepage-slider”]

      The Promotion Slider allows you to run multiple sliders on a page.

  4. Im traying to make a Gallery on my product page of (WP e-commerce) but I CAN’T!!!! Why???
    I was trying and trying and trying!!!! AAaaghhh!! :@

  5. Im traying to make a Gallery on my product page of (WP e-commerce) but I CAN’T!!!! Why???
    I was trying and trying and trying!!!! AAaaghhh!! :@

    • WP E-commerce has changed how the image uploads are handled in their plugin. Rather than have the normal ‘Gallery’ tab, they have a ‘Product Image Gallery’ tab. This new tab doesn’t actually give you the ability to create galleries as far as I can tell, but just gives you a place where you can see all the images you have uploaded for a particular product.

      However, this doesn’t mean that they have disabled WordPress galleries in the product creation screens, just your ability to create them. You can cheat the system by adding in the [gallery] shortcode. Just drop that shortcode where you want your gallery to appear in the products page and as long has you have more than one image appearing in the ‘Product Image Gallery’ tab, you will see a gallery with all your images for that product. You will have to adjust your gallery settings manually through the HTML editor after you add it.

      On a side note, if you are using an older version of the WP E-commerce plugin, you won’t be able to do what I mentioned above.

  6. how do I delete an image from a gallery that is already embedded in the webpage? if i delete it will it be deleted from the page?

    • Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t really provide a way for you to unattach an image from a post. If an image is attached to a post, it will automatically show in a gallery on that post. The only way to remove an image is to delete it. Unfortunately, it is also not possible to have one image appear on its own in a post and not to have that image appear in a gallery (if a gallery exists). I am thinking about writing a plugin that would allow you to unattach an image from a post, thereby removing it from the gallery.

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  8. This was a really helpful and effective tutorial: very many thanks.
    I’ve now successfully created several photo galleries on my site. But beneath each photo appears the text “Comments are closed”. This is nuts for a site that’s not intended as a blog: how can I remove this text?

    • Unfortunately, the comment bit is probably hard coded in the attachments.php file in your theme. Removing it would involve editing that file. However, as an alternative, you could link each thumbnail to the image file rather than the attachment page. This can be configured on a per gallery basis and can be found in the gallery settings. See the screenshot above under the ‘Inserting the Gallery’ heading for an example.

  9. Many thanks for your help. I’ve now found a solution (spending ages working on a child file copy of the original wordpress theme). I removed the words “comments are closed” from the comments.php file, leaving the single quotation makrs undisturbed. Seems to do the job!

    As a complete newbie to websites and associated software, I have to say I’m astounded at how nerdy and primitive the whole business remains: it feels like the days when the only way you could do something on a computer was to write your own program in BASIC! Will the day ever dawn when one can set up a website with a simple GUI that does everything, instead of just some parts of the process?!
    Thanks once again for your great thread and your rapid response.

    • Glad to hear you got it working. WordPress has made creating websites much easier than it used to be, but there are still some elements that are evolving. Themes would be one of those. There is a huge difference in the functionality and professionalism of the themes available in the WordPress repository and elsewhere.

  10. Thanks for the article. This is the first article i read that brings some liht to the built-in gallery features and its limitations.
    Let us know if you develop the plugin so as to ‘dettach’ images from the gallery!

  11. This has been extremely helpful; thank you very much! I have been looking for a gallery plugin that allows comments on each image for a client’s website for quite some time, so it’s great to see this can work without any external coding.

    I do have one issue, however. Since I want viewers to comment on images, I have the gallery set to forward to the attachment page, but since my theme doesn’t have an attachment.php file, it is showing “comments are closed” under the image. I’m not sure how to change this since I don’t know where this code is being brought in from. Is there something I’m missing, maybe?

    Kind regards.

    • It could be that you need to check your settings under ‘Settings’ -> ‘Discussion’ to be sure that you are allowing comments. I would imagine that you are allowing them, but I am not sure since Disqus may handle things a little differently.

      If you don’t have an attachment.php file, then your single.php file will be handling it.

      • Thank you very much for your response! I figured it out late late last night… I actually wound up having to download a plugin that allowed comments on individual images. My single.php was working fine, but the comments weren’t active even though they were turned on everywhere in the back end.

        I appreciate this post, and your quick responses. Great job!

  12. quinn says:

    Great post – perfect as I begin bldg my site. Have a question: I would like to use a photo gallery as a Table of Contents to individual pages or posts, so for example each might be a pic of an entree or dessert and clicking on the thumbnail would take you to a page with the same pic plus content that might include the recipe. I’d like to do this so that it is not must me writing in the comments section but so that it links to an actual page/post. Is this possible with the WP Gallery? If not, do you know what plugin would allow it – I also checked NextGen Gallery but it doesn’t seem to allow that either? Thanks!!

    • You can have an image link to any URL you want, but the galleries in WordPress only allow you to link to the image or attachment page for that image. I have a plugin called Promotion Slider which would allow you to create a slideshow of featured content and have that automatically link back to the original post. Perhaps that would be something close to what you are looking for? It is a slider, not a gallery, but it would automate the insertion and linking of the images within it.

    • The galleries in WordPress currently display all images that are attached to a page or post. Currently, you are unable to insert images into a post and have separate images appear in the gallery.

  13. Sophie says:

    Hi, I want to have one gallery on each page with different photos which I thought I could do but how do I clear the previous gallery (without deleting the old one from my media files) so I can build the new one with different photos?

    • Sophie, I am not entirely sure what you are asking. Are we talking about individual pages, or paged content here? WordPress galleries pull in all the photos that are attached to a particular post (or page). However, if you are referring to paged content, then any images attached are still part of the same post / page.

      • Sophie says:

        Sorry, I will try and explain better. I have a website with static pages. On each page there is a couple of photos amongst the text that are unique to that page.
        At the bottom of the page I would like to create a gallery of different photos that are also unique to that page and to that gallery.
        Is there a way to clear the gallery in order that I can make a the gallery at the bottom of the page please without deleting the other photos off their correct part of the page?
        I am sure that is as clear as mud so if you go to this page I hope you may understand better.
        Under the final heading of “Highlights from Past Holiday Programmes” I wanted to put a gallery but the other photos from above show in it so how can I stop this without deleting them from the media files?
        Thanks for getting back to me so quick and for the help.

        • Oddly enough, what you describe isn’t something that you can do with the default WordPress photo galleries. All of the photos that are attached to a post or page are shown in the photo gallery and there really isn’t any way to control this. However, there is a way around it… any images that are included on the page via URL are not officially attached to the post (or page) and are thus not included in the gallery. You could upload images to the media library and then include those images via the URLs on a page. Then, you could upload images within that post or page (without inserting them on the page) and these would appear in the gallery. I agree that there should be more control over this, but this is a workaround. Of course, if you really need advanced gallery control, you can always find a plugin that allows you to do what you want.

  14. Sophie says:

    Thank you so much for your help- that is brilliant. Weird this hasn’t been sorted as I am sure I am not the only one who would like to do this!
    Thanks again, you have been REALLY helpful.

  15. Ana says:

    after i create a gallery of photos, how can i set them up so they can be visible on search engine “images”. for instance when someone searches for “portrait paintings” on google or the name of the artist. i want for my gallery to be visible on google images

  16. Rajesh Singh says:

    This is one of the best articles so far I have read online. No crap, just useful information. Very well presented. Thanks for sharing with us. I have found another nice post over the internet related to this article which have also informative information and explained very well.
    check out the following link for more details about that post.


  17. Hello there

    Stumbled upon your site as I was getting lost in the sea of help online…

    I’m having issues with my wordpress gallery where even though I have checked the option of ‘view full size image’, only the thumbnail shows up.

    Btw, clicking on image size ‘large’ isnt possible as well..

    Any suggestions please? Thanks!

    • By default, WordPress galleries only display thumbnail images. Clicking on the images takes you to the full size image. The reason that ‘large’ isn’t an option is probably because the original dimensions of your uploaded image are smaller than that of the large image size.

  18. Hi,
    Very nice site, with clear and helpful answers.
    I am a complete novice setting up a retail selling site for myself using wordpress and monkeying around with twentyeleven to see if I can get it to do what I want. Here’s the question:
    I’d like to have a page (or pages) with a thumbnail gallery of items for sale, with the thumbnails linked to more images of the item with description etc.
    The gallery view lets me link a thumbnail to an attachment page, but that page seems only to allow the full size version of that one image, and also has a comments section that I do not want. Can I modify the attachment pages to permit additional photos and eliminate the comments section, or am I barking up the wrong tree?
    Thanks, Steve

    • You are barking up the wrong tree. You would want to create a custom post type ‘products’ that would have featured images as the main product image. On these product pages you would setup your WordPress photo gallery to display the additional images of each product. Finally, you would create a custom template that would display the featured images in a grid format, similar to the photo gallery… except these would link to the product page for each product. If you need some more help with this, just shoot me a direct email via the contact page.

  19. Hi Micah,

    Found your post via Google.

    I’m Joan, the woner or Artically.com

    When I create a new post with a gallery I want it to open a new attachment page. Like this: http://brosome.com/bugatti-veyron-grand-sport-bumblebee-edition/

    But when I create a gallery on my site, linking to a “attachment page”, and I clic on a thumbnail (after I create the post), the pages loops/goes back to itself and does not create a new attachment page.

    Example: http://artically.com/estilo/boys-toys/traje-stormtroopers-star-wars-fibra-de-carbono/

    What could be the problem?

  20. shlomi says:

    I want to do a picture gallery where any picture links to post, but when I update the picture on gallery and cancel the link url it doesn’t work. How can i fix that?

    • @shiomi,

      It sounds like you are trying to change the link url for any image to a custom URL that corresponds to a specific post. It sounds like you are changing the URL in the correct location, but for some reason it isn’t working. It should work, so if it isn’t there could be something corrupted with your WordPress installation, a plugin or theme could be causing an issue, or I am misunderstanding you and you may be trying to go about changing the URL incorrectly.

      If the issue is with WordPress, doing a manual install or upgrading to the latest version if you haven’t already should fix it. If it is a plugin issue, you can verify it by deactivating all your plugins temporarily and then checking to see if you can make the change. If it is a theme issue, you can change to the default WordPress theme temporarily and try again.

      • shlomi says:

        Thanks for getting back to me and you’re trying to help, it’s terribly important to me
        I try to post a gallery of images and link any image for another post
        I downloaded a new installation of WordPress 3.3.1 and closed all the plug-and it still does not work
        Always link back to the link of the image itself rather than changes to the link of the post that I want
        I found a site http://geekeemedia.com/wordpress/add-a-custom-url-to-your-wordpress-gallery-images/
        Claim plugin should resolve after you have installed it is actually saving the image Tlink I want
        But once I’m up to and updating after I click the image appears an error:
        You do not have permission to access / wordpress 2 / <a href = on this server.
        What am I supposed to do all my site-based to a gallery of images on the main page and bereavement image link
        Another post
        I use warmserver
        Please help me

        • @shiomi, if you don’t mind giving me access to your site, I would be glad to look into what is going on. Just shoot me a message via my contact page.

  21. shlomi says:

    i stell dont have a website i workin on
    wampserver i need to close whit go dady about the server and domin.
    thh problam to link image from gallery to another post it so Angers
    what i need to do ?
    if you can do it and its work for you
    Can you pass me Tgirsh or download link if you’re working with WordPress?

    • @shlomi,

      Sorry, I misunderstood what you were trying to do. I thought you were wanting to link individual images to a specific post, not the gallery thumbnail images. WordPress doesn’t really allow this. You will probably have to use a gallery plugin that will allow you to provide your own link URL.

  22. jhun says:


    Is there a way that my guest / users can upload images with there own pages? Just like a facebook.

    Thanks in advance.

    • @jhun,

      I highly recommend the Gravity Forms plugin if you are looking to have users post content from the front end of the site. It will allow your users to add content and upload images. Allowing users to create galleries is a very different issue. This does sound like it would be a cool feature to have, but I am not aware of anything that allows users to do this. Perhaps we have hit a great idea for a new WordPress plugin.

      • That feature is specific to WordPress.com and is not default on a hosted WordPress site. To get that functionality on a self-hosted site would require a plugin.

  23. jhun says:

    Hi Wood,

    Many Thanks for the advice. I can’t wait for your new plugin and I’ll be the first one to install it. Again Thanx

  24. Terry says:


    Do you know if there is a way to define the order once images are in a media library or some plugin that would allow one to alter this order? I have tried numerous image flow plugins that use the default media library. From what I’ve been able to determine the order of items is based on the library defined order – hence my question.

    • You can define the order of images in a gallery through drag and drop… which is in WordPress core. Is this what you are trying to do? If you are trying to order images within the context of a plugin, the plugin *should* provide this functionality.

  25. April says:

    Is there a photo gallery plugin which diaplays each image as a separate URL so that you can use a social sharing plugin for each image as opposed to the entire gallery?

    • By default, all images in a gallery have their own URL. If you enable the ‘attachment page’ option, then clicking on an image in your gallery will take you to a separate URL.

  26. Amy says:

    Apologies if I missed it.
    I’ve installed PDownloads Plugin enabling visitors to purchase a downloadable version of one of my photographs? How do i add the ‘Buy Now’ button in to each photo within a gallery?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • I’m not familiar with the PDownloads Plugin, but I would imagine that they probably don’t support ‘Buy Now’ buttons within the context of a photo gallery.

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  28. Thank you so much for writing information that’s easy to understand!
    Having found this,I now have my gallery after days of trying and getting it wrong.

  29. dewald says:

    Hi thanks for you expertise and advices!

    Is it possible to link from thumbnails in an image gallery to post other than “attachment page” or “full-size version” of itself?

    I want to use the image gallery as a sort of menu which leads deeper into subsections of the site.
    Any help appreciated

    • A default WordPress gallery doesn’t support the ability for you to have thumbnails link to custom URLs. However, there are a number of gallery plugins that you can download and I’m sure that you could easily find one that does.

  30. ss says:

    Ok I’m feeling really dumb here. I’ve followed the instructions from 10 different pages, 20 different times. But I always get one big placeholder image in the visual editor. (An icon of a camera and a photo behind it.) I do not get what I’m doing wrong. I’ve tried uploading fresh images and…gah!

    • ss says:

      Oh good lord. I did not get that the photos would not show in the editing box – that I had to go to actually preview the page for them to show up. So perhaps I have been succeeding all along. (*attach finger and thumb in L-shape to forehead)*

  31. Thanks so very much. The WordPress site did not mention about the disappearing picture from another blog entry. I couldn’t figure out where the thing had gone.

  32. Lindsey says:

    I’m trying to use the native gallery to display images of people in a cohort for an academic site. I wanted to use the carousel feature, but because my theme already has code for the carousel to function in a certain way on the home page, I can’t. We are willing to settle for thumbnails with captions of people’s names and the ability to click on their images to make them larger (though we’d LOVE for people to then be able to scroll through the images in a carousel). Right now, when you click on the image, the title (the name of the person) appears both ABOVE and BELOW the image. How can I fix this?

    • The page that you are having the issue with should be controlled by the attachment.php file in your theme. Most likely, you will have to remove the code from that page that is generating the unwanted title.

  33. Paige says:

    Do you have an article on how edit the photos in WordPress ? I want to edit the thumbnails of my products so they are not so cropped and you can see more of the garment but i cant find how to do it ?

    • I do not have such an article right now. It is easy to update the size of the thumbnails, but if you are using an e-commerce plugin there might be more to the process. Basically, you can go to ‘Settings’->’Media’ in the admin and change the thumbnail size. Nothing will change right away, because you will need to download a plugin that will regenerate all your image sizes. WordPress stores several image sizes when you first upload an image, so if you go changing image sizes, you have to force WordPress to regenerate the appropriate sizes. There is a plugin called ‘Regenerate Thumbnails’ that should do the trick.

      • Paige says:

        Thanks for the info ! I am using an ecommerce plugin will that make too much of a difference? I mainly want to change just the thumbnails. For an example I have 3 different skirt on a page. The thumbnails have cropped them and in one you can mainly see the top that is with it instead of the skirt. I just want to move in down a little really so you can see the skirt more- so annoying ! Anyway when you click on the photo and go to the individual item the photos are fine, it just some of the thumbnails.
        Sorry for the long example but I want to make sure what I want can actually happen 🙂
        So the plugin might be a option ?

  34. Chiara says:

    Hello! Hope you can give me some advice!!
    My Gallery Tab has disappeared in thin air, after I already used it in the past to upload images. I had a little browse online, and found a lot of other people had a similar issue; following one of the advices given I managed to make the Gallery Tab appear again, but I still can’t make the Gallery Settings appear, which means I can only Post Images, not creating a tidy, neat gallery (what I am really after!).
    Any advice on why this might be, and how to get round the problem and make the Gallery Settings magically appear again?? Cheers!

    • The gallery tab only appears when two or more images are attached to a specific post. You can attach images through the media library or by inserting images into a post. Inserting an image into a post attaches the image to the post, even if you delete it from within the post.

      • Chiara says:

        Oh, thank you for that! I managed to make it work eventually yesterday afternoon, after adding a few images – such a simple solution.. Still not sure why initially the settings were there straight from the start, without the need for two or more images before appearing. Thank you for your help, Micah!! Ta! 🙂

  35. Brock says:

    Every gallery plug-in seems to store photos in different places. After experimenting with a few, I have a mess on my hands with images all over the place. I’d like to simplify and go with the basic WordPress gallery and perhaps utilize jetpack carousel to spiff it up a bit (non-destructive I understand). I can get into the back end of the server to move folders around, so I’m not too concerned with the housekeeping aspect.

    What I’d like to know, but haven’t found, is whether the latest WordPress is able to connect the same image file to different posts or pages, without multiple uploads. Everything I have read is old and indicates this is a problem, but I’m hoping it’s been solved by now? Do you know? It would certainly simplify a few pages that I’ll need to fix.

    • So, the deal is that you CAN attach a single image to multiple posts. The issue comes when you delete an image from one post and unknowingly delete it from other posts it may have been attached to. For this reason, I recommend you proceed with caution.

      • Brock says:

        Understood and thanks. If I can ask one more question… as noted above, images are strewn around in different directory structures and I’d like to add them to the WordPress media database. With NextGen Gallery, I can point it at a folder and have it import the images therein. I don’t really want to standardize on NextGen though, so would like to move images that I can locate via the command shell into the directory structure that WordPress set up for me at some point (folders by year, month etc.)… and then import them into the database so they are recognized. The function that NextGen has doesn’t seem to exist in the basic WordPress system. Is there a way to do this without re-uploading all of those images?? Or maybe I’ll be stuck to use NextGen simply to avoid the tedium…?

        • Brock,

          So you need to be able to point WordPress at a directory and be able to have all of the images imported into the Media Library. WordPress handles where the files are stored based on your settings in WordPress. It could be that NextGen does this properly, maybe not. Have you looked to see if there are any plugins that simply import into the Media Library?

          If there aren’t any, perhaps I can write one that will get the job done for you and then release it to the community. Let me know if you find something.

          • Hi Micah,

            Thank you for your kind offer. I spent some time looking into this further and did in fact find a plug-in to do this. It’s called ‘Add from Server’ (surprisingly enough!!). It seemed to work for me, but for some reason decided it needed to create no fewer than EIGHT different crops of each image it imported. I couldn’t find a setting to control this, and perhaps it’s in the base WordPress settings somewhere (I found some crop options, but no way was there an indication this many would be generated!).

            With that solved, I’m now finding that the basic WordPress media controls are quite clumsy and I’ve re-thought my intention to go back to basics and let Jetpack provide extra slideshow functionality. For now I think I’ll use the basic media controls for inserting individual images at various locations in a post. When I want to add a multitude of images, or a set that rightfully belong together, I’ll use the nextgen gallery plug-in functions. I don’t really like splitting things up in this way, but I also know I’m going to post more if I don’t have to fight with functionality! So I’ll use the included media commands for basic image insertion and nextgen for everything else.

            Oh, and I’m going to use nextgen for my gallery page since it allows me to create albums of galleries pretty much at will.

            Sometimes it’s just easier to not re-invent the wheel… 😉

  36. Hello, I purchased the “Photography” theme and am trying to create a gallery page. I added the page and selected the gallery template. Then I uploaded the photos and selected the setting I wanted. I also selected a photo as a featured image. I then clicked “insert gallery.” When I publish the page though it does not work. I go to the gallery page I created and get the following message every time: “You have no galleries set up – please create at least one post with the “gallery” format and set a featured image for that post to enable the gallery display.” What more can I do? Please help this is really driving me crazy!

    • This is likely a theme specific problem and not a generic WordPress gallery issue. Have you tried to see if your WordPress gallery appears in the default WordPress theme?

  37. hi, and thanks so much for your info! I have a problem where all of the code commands that make the carousel feature work are showing up above the gallery. So I was able to insert the gallery and the carousel feature works perfectly! BUT — just above it, everyone can see a few lines of code. Any clues on how to get rid of this? I’m sure it’s something simple. I just started working on this today and the learning curve is daunting! Here’s the example where it shows the code: http://jvalenciaphoto.com/?page_id=35#

  38. Candace says:

    Hello, I have a nice gallery going on my WP site, but for some reason at the bottom my posts are showing up as thumbnails. How can I edit my post or gallery to not have them show up? I set up my gallery on a page. And the 3 posts I have also have images “inserted” in with the text/body. I tried deleting the image off the post to see if this would remove the post from showing up on my gallery page but they are still there.

    Can you help?

    • Any images inserted into the body of a post will appear in the WordPress photo gallery for that post. If you delete an image from the content of that post, the image is still associated with the post and will still appear in the photo gallery. If you really want to remove the image from the gallery, you will have to click on the ‘Gallery’ tab in the media pop-up, click on the ‘Show’ link by the image you want to remove and then click on the ‘Delete’ button.

      • Candace says:

        What confuses me is that I have the gallery on a “page” and the posts with images are still associated with the gallery… So does that mean i cannot have a gallery of pics say for example of my work and then have daily post with images without the images showing on the gallery page (they don’t show as images it a black box)? I appreciate your answer I’m going to try to just delete them, but I still want the ability to post picture in a blog post but not have them show in the gallery…

  39. Candace says:

    I mis-communicated that, I mean the page with the gallery inserted is not associated with the posts. Ugh im new to this so a bit confused!

    • It isn’t the most obvious thing, but if you add an image to a post/page in WordPress that image is permanently associated with that post/page. The only way to undo this currently is to delete the image altogether. So if you upload an image to a post or assign an image from the media gallery to a post, this is what you have done. This can be verified by finding that image in the media gallery and seeing the name of the post it is attached to, or by seeing the images under the ‘Gallery’ tab in the media uploader for the post.

  40. Hello, I’ve read all thru your blog several times. I’m sure the answer lies in there, but I’m not able to find it. My problem is when I put pictures in my media library, or upload directly from a flash drive, the thumbnails don’t appear. If I click on edit, they do show as does their path. If I insert into a gallery, only the title shows. A friend helped set our site up originally, but we only just started the gallery. He used a plug-in, nextgen which didn’t work on my older computer which required an upgrade of flash player, which I wasn’t allowed to do. So I tried to just go with the existing WP galleries.
    I just worked with a more experienced person and she had the same problem. We did the same process on her web site and everything worked perfect, the same photos and steps. We even had her WP teacher look at it and she could not tell what was up.
    I suspect something is wrong with the coding, but I do not know how to do that. Is there any hope, or will I need to trash the entire website and start over.

    • Tonia,

      I would recommend that you try temporarily disabling all your plugins and see if things start working for you again. If so, then just re-enable the plugins one at a time until the problem comes back. Then you will know if a particular plugin is contributing to the problem. If the problem still exists when you disable all the plugins, then try switching to one of the default WordPress themes like TwentyTen, TwentyEleven or TwentyTwelve. If you still have a problem after that, try reinstalling WordPress. Reinstalling WordPress can be done without having to touch your wp-content folder, which will keep your site intact. If all of these things fail, perhaps the database is corrupted. If you have been performing regular backups of your database and site, then restoring an older version of your database might be worth a try. If all of these things fail, then you might consider starting over. A professional WordPress developer could probably replicate your site locally and debug through the code to find out why things aren’t working as expected.

      • thank you. I did disable the plugins, only two were not disabled – the slideshow and nextgen. When I disabled next gen, I lost all pictures on all the pages. I’ve got an appointment in a few weeks with a developer. So I’ll pass on your info to him and just wait it out. I don’t want to mess things up more than I already have. thanks again.

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