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You Don’t Need A Website… Your Customers Do!

Occasionally I will talk with a small business owner who runs a very successful business and tells me ‘I don’t need a website, I am busy enough as it is’.  It is that kind of logic that will keep business owners, well… busy!

Websites can be a great way of generating new business, but if you aren’t looking for new business, here are a few things to consider:

  • How often do you answer the same questions?
    If you don’t have a website, this means that clients have to call or e-mail you to find out basic information like directions and pricing.  You could save yourself a lot of unnecessary distractions just by having information available online.  Besides, your website can answer those questions 24/7.

  • Has anyone ever asked what your web address is?
    If this has happened, it is a flashing neon sign that your customers need you to have a website.  They are trying to tell you that they prefer to interact with your company through the web.  Any good business owner knows that you need to communicate with customers in their preferred method.

It is possible to have a good web presence without a website, but if your answers to the above questions are ‘A lot’ and ‘Yes’ you will probably want to look into setting up a website… for your customers.