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What are the Most Lucrative Client Niches Perfect for WordPress?

There’s a reason most web development shops don’t proclaim to use every content management system out there. They benefit from ‘specialization’ by being a WordPress shop, or a Drupal shop or a Magento shop. Sometimes you’ll find places that do several – but they don’t do everything, and if they do everything they’re either huge or in a race to the bottom because you can’t be all things to all people.

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Landing Page Confusion

Most people are clear on the definition of a landing page.   A landing page is just a page on your website where you are driving traffic to, typically from an ad campaign. The whole point of the page is to get new visitors to complete some specific action on the page, such as begin a free trial or even buy a product. The more you test and improve on the page, the more likely visitors to the page are to complete the desired action. So what is the confusion?

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Online Sales Leads

Is your business struggling to generate online sales leads? It is common knowledge that generating sales leads online can be more effective than traditional methods, not to mention more cost-effective. Given the current economy, businesses are looking to the internet in order to cut marketing costs.  We are going to take a look at different methods of lead generation and how your company might use them.

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WordPress and BuddyPress – SEO meets Social Media

Third party social media tools are great for bringing in new visitors and keeping your brand in front of loyal followers.  What if you could create your own social media sphere where your visitors can connect with each other?  Do you think you would have more people stick around? Continue reading

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Serving Ads – The Smart Way

A lot of businesses look at serving ads on their website in order to monetize it.  Having a good system in place for managing ads is very important, especially as your site and the number of ads grow.

As a big fan of open source software, I recommend that you check out the OpenX ad server.  Here are some of the features:

  • Easily manage your ads – OpenX makes it easy for you to create, edit and delete several different ad types.  In fact, you can set up your advertisers as users and allow them to manage their own ads!
  • You control delivery – You determine who sees what ads.  Limit delivery based on location, date or time and even custom variables.
  • Measure performance of ads – You can easily provide reports to your advertisers regarding the performance of their ads.

I have set up OpenX for several sites and have found it easy to work with.  If you have any questions about it, please ask!

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You Don’t Need A Website… Your Customers Do!

Occasionally I will talk with a small business owner who runs a very successful business and tells me ‘I don’t need a website, I am busy enough as it is’.  It is that kind of logic that will keep business owners, well… busy!

Websites can be a great way of generating new business, but if you aren’t looking for new business, here are a few things to consider:

  • How often do you answer the same questions?
    If you don’t have a website, this means that clients have to call or e-mail you to find out basic information like directions and pricing.  You could save yourself a lot of unnecessary distractions just by having information available online.  Besides, your website can answer those questions 24/7.

  • Has anyone ever asked what your web address is?
    If this has happened, it is a flashing neon sign that your customers need you to have a website.  They are trying to tell you that they prefer to interact with your company through the web.  Any good business owner knows that you need to communicate with customers in their preferred method.

It is possible to have a good web presence without a website, but if your answers to the above questions are ‘A lot’ and ‘Yes’ you will probably want to look into setting up a website… for your customers.

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Local Business Search Marketing

All too often, I talk to small businesses that are trying to target their local market and want to do search engine optimization.  They try to target high volume search terms such as ‘lawn care’ or ‘electricians’.  If you are trying to reach your local area through online marketing, there are some simple things that you can do to greatly improve your results… Continue reading