Adding Audio to Your WordPress Website

WordPress is used in many different ways and it is not uncommon to find musicians or pod-casters who want to upload audio to their WordPress site.  This is a quick guide to the basics of adding audio to your site.

Adding Audio

First, log in to your WordPress admin area and add or visit the post or page you want the audio to be located on.  To add your audio, just click on the ‘Add Audio’ button.  The ‘Add Audio’ button is located above the text editor and is the music icon to the right of the ‘Upload/Insert’ text.


Once you click this icon, you will see the audio upload screen.  This screen will allow you to upload audio files from your computer, add audio from another URL, or use audio already existing in your Media Library.

After uploading your file, you can click the ‘Insert into Post’ button to add the audio.  Now, when a user visits that particular page, WordPress will display a link to the audio file.  When a user clicks on that link, the built-in WordPress audio player will play the file.

WordPress Audio Limitations

  • It is important to note that the built-in WordPress audio player only supports three audio file types: wav, mp3, and midi.  If you need to play other file types, you will need to find a plugin that can handle them.
  • Audio files do not automatically play when the page is loaded.  Users must click on a link to hear the audio.
  • WordPress only supports the upload of files 2MB and smaller.  If you have a larger audio file, you may want to upload it to your site via FTP and then use the URL option when adding your audio to WordPress.

If you have used any great plugins for audio, please share them in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Adding Audio to Your WordPress Website

  1. Akbar Ali says:

    Thanks for the guide you have provided for audio posting. Here i just wanted to say that i have used the help of Soundcloud.com to upload audio files in my Blog, it is of great use as it supports wordpress.com with its player verywell but it has a limitation of 2 hours total duration of the files uploaded but can be further extended with a premium account. To know more Just visit the above said website. I’m not here to promote it but help others who are in need of it as i have suffered for so many days with other sharing websites. Regards

  2. I would like the take heart theme to start automatically when my gallery page is selected?
    Anyone know how, I have the mp3 ready for my word press site!



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